North Side

Pastor: Vaughan Henry

Location: Old Man Bay Road, Northside



First Elder:  Timothy McLaughlin-Munroe

Phone: (345) 928-7155


The Northside Seventh-day Adventist Church was established in 1985 in the beautiful district for which it is named. The church members met at first in the old Assembly Building and relocated to the present site in Old Man’s Bay in 1988. They worshipped at first in a temporary structure until they were able to occupy the beautiful temple in which the church presently meets. Two of the founding families have remained in the congregation to this present time -Elder and Sister Marvin Fredrick and Brother and Sister Dadford Dixon and their family.

Northside SDA is known for its hospitality. One cannot escape the feeling of inclusion and the sense of family this small congregation of eighty members emanates. Worship at Northside is simple, conservative and very fulfilling. The Church’s Pastor, Dr. Ivor Harry, is ably assisted by the experienced Elder Marvin Fredrick and an exciting team of committed and focused officers. If you are searching for a small congregation and authentic worship then Northside might just be the place for you and your family.

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