Churches Prepare for April LTM Launch


Pastor JeffersonChurches across the Inter-American Division (IAD), including the Cayman Island, are preparing for a formal launch of the “Lord Transform Me” (LTM) initiative.

The LTM, introduced locally at January’s Grand Cayman Camp Meeting, is a five-year IAD programme. The three main outcomes envisaged for churches are enhanced spiritual growth, soul winning, and consolidation of members.


Key upcoming dates

  • Sabbath, April 2: The LTM programme will be launched in all churches across the Division.
  • Sabbath, April 16: The LTM programme will be formally launched at the Division level from Caracas, Venezuela. Churches in Cayman may view the Venezuela launch via the Internet or Hope Channel (locally on Logic CATV channel 40, Fuse, or Logic Wireless) from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm local (Cayman) time.
  • April 16: By this date, every church is expected to be a Lord Transform Me Worship Centre where, among other activities,
    • each church should have at least one soul for baptism;
    • each member will have signed a Lord Transform Me participation pledge sheet; and
    • each church should have a number of small groups organized for the study of the Righteousness of Christ publication and its personal application.
  • Sabbath, April 9 to Friday, April 15: An LTM outreach drive will take place in Caracas, Venezuela, at which Pastors Peter Kerr and Steve Cornwall will represent the Union.



LTM was launched in the Cayman Islands on Sabbath, 23 January, 2016, at Camp Meeting 2016 on Grand Cayman.

The LTM initiative is organised in the following phases during which training and other support will be provided:


Transform and Live

Among other objectives, this first LTM component is to inspire and motivate church members to develop a personal Bible-reading routine, to enhance their knowledge of Ellen White´s counsels and ministry, and to strengthen their personal prayer life.


Explore and Learn

Components of this phase include training members in identifying their talents, passions, interests and spiritual gifts and in utilizing them to fulfil members´ role in the execution of the mission of the church.


Contact and Share

In this phase, efforts will be made to initiate contact with others on a social level to achieve friendly relations, the study of God´s word, and interest in the Seventh-day Adventist message.


Proclaim and Reap

Pastors and lay preachers will be additionally trained in carrying out their soul-winning role in the ¨Proclaim and Reap¨ phase. Objectives will include annual P&R evangelistic campaigns.


Conserve and Disciple

In this final segment, the aim will be to support and encourage all newly baptized members of the church.


Training and Other LTM Support

To support the LTM initiatives throughout churches, the Division will conduct annual Division-wide summits that highlight, affirm and celebrate the outcomes of each of the five principal components.

The Union is preparing a strategic plan for the entire region, in support of which LTM congresses, retreats, summits and conventions will be held at the Division, Union and local levels.


For further information on LTM, visit  or link here to a PowerPoint Presentation on the subject.


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