Youth Ministries Department

The Cayman Islands Conference Youth Department operates on the principles- salvation and service -that guide Seventh-day Adventist youth work throughout the world. The very first priority of the Department is to contextualize the story of salvation for our young people ages 6-30 and to present to them a loving Saviour who cares about the happiness and success of youth. The Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministries seeks to disciple our young people, and encourage them to walk in the manner of Jesus as Servants of God and friends to humankind. Young people are encouraged to embrace service to others in everything they do.

The Cayman Islands Conference Youth Ministries Department supervises the work of an active Pathfinder Association led ably by the indefatigable area coordinator, Merle Watkins. The department is proud of our nine Pathfinder clubs in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. The youth have also created an opportunity for building their talents and using these gifts in active service to the church and the community. “i Serve” is an exciting avenue for missions and youth are encouraged to attend our weekly meetings on Friday nights at the Savannah Church. The ‘i Serve’ ministry is led by the talented Tadine Langley-Diaz.

The Youth Department also plans for the physical development of our membership.  Our Sports program incorporates competitions in the areas of: volleyball, football, netball, basketball and athletics.  Rounding out the ministries fostered by the Department is what is termed, ‘Youth Vibes’.  Youth Vibes is a weekly discussion program aired on Praise 87.9 FM on Mondays at 5: 30 pm. The Program is planned entirely for young people and seeks to provide a forum for youth expression on a number of subjects pertinent to them.  Youth Director, Dr. Ivor Harry, and his committed team invite you to partner with them in this exciting and rewarding ministry.

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