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Sheila Woods

Sheila Woods has been employed by Cayman Islands Conference for almost 35 years.  As a versatile, enthusiastic and competent person who always strives to achieve a high standard in whatever is undertaken, she has gained a variety of accounting and administrative skills throughout the years. 

She began her employment on August 1, 1981, as an Office Secretary.  Shortly afterwards, she was asked to serve as the Accountant, and then Chief Accountant.  In Oct. 2000, she was appointed Treasurer, a position she held for just over 11 years.  Since January 2012, she has been serving as the Women’s Ministries Director and Local Church Auditor.  It is her desire to see more women involved in ministry to others and in evangelism.    

She has served her local church in a variety of positions such as Sabbath School Superintendent, SS Teacher, Adventist Youth Leader, Treasurer, and Pianist, to name a few roles. 

She is married to Joseph Woods, Jr., and they have two adult children, Kristy (Hylton), & Joseph III, and one teen, Johnathan.  She and her husband have been blessed with five grandchildren to date.  Hobbies include reading, gardening, cooking, baking and travelling. 

Favorite text:  Romans 8:28

Favorite song:  “Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour”




WM Logo

The logo depicts four women of varying ethnic backgrounds. These women represent not only the inclusiveness of Women’s Ministries but also represent some of the objectives:

*It represents women of all ages

*It represents women of different ethnic origins

*It represents women working together

*It represents women with a book. It may be a Bible, representing spiritual growth. The women may be learning for themselves or teaching others. It may be a literacy book. It may be that the women are studying leadership or mentoring other woman. Or it may be a book on any of the other areas of interest to women, but women are growing and sharing.

*It represents women supporting and caring for each other; together they represent an important part of the church, and together they can make a difference.






General Information:

Women make up half the world’s population

Women are the majority in most Christian churches

Women are a majority of the Adventist Church membership


Mission Statement

As excerpted from the General Conference Women’s Ministries Handbook, the mission statement for the Department of Women´s Ministries is:

“The Department of Women’s Ministries exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His world church.

Today’s women want to be treated as Jesus treated women: with acceptance, respect and dignity. They want to be included and treated as persons of worth, created perfect by God, and for whom Christ died. Thus, this Department encourages women to be part of the mission of the Church, fully involved in ministry in all its forms.

Our mission in the larger sense is common to all Christians—that of uplifting Christ in the church and in the world. More specifically, in line with the requirements of the handbook, we are called to:

  • elevate women as persons of inestimable worth because they have been created and redeemed
  • enable women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal
  • build networks among women in the world church to encourage bonds of friendship and mutual support and the creative exchange of ideas and information
  • mentor young Adventist women, encouraging their involvement, and creating paths for them as they reach for their potential in Christ
  • address the concerns of women in our island
  • bring women’s unique perspectives to the issues facing the church
  • seek expanding avenues of dynamic Christian service for women
  • challenge each Adventist woman with her potential to complement the gifts given to other women and men as they work side by side to further the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

In striving to meet these standards and “—out of the fullness we as women have personally found in Jesus Christ, we may be empowered to share the good news within our families, among our fellow believers, and in ever expanding circles in the unsaved world.”   (The Women’s Ministries Handbook, p. 10)

We as a church face a monumental task: to “Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you….” (Matt 18:19-20). There is work enough for each and every one of us. We need everyone, working together, sharing and showing God’s great love.

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