The Stewardship Department

The mission of the Stewardship Department is to emphasize the lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the gospel into the Christian lifestyle, to encourage faithful stewardship, and to facilitate the individual, corporate, and leadership dimensions of stewardship as partnership with God.

The General Conference Stewardship Department will have the following prioritized focus:

  1. Developing and promulgating a biblical approach to stewardship ministries.
  2. Refining, expanding and implementing a stewardship certification process and curriculum.
  3. Training division and union stewardship personnel as leaders and trainers.
  4. Integrating and cooperating with organizational administrators of different church entities.
  5. Developing and/or coordinating materials appropriate for the world field and encouraging local materials which are consistent with the overall stewardship philosophy and vision
  6. Training of conference/mission and church personnel as part of the process of modeling and training division and union personnel.
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