Executive Secretary

Pastor Reinaldo Dracket

Pastor Reinaldo DracketPastor Reinaldo Dracket, B.Th., MA, was born in Port Limon, Costa Rica, and is married to Nelda Rose (née Carey) from the Bahamas. God has blessed their 32-year union with three children, Deandro, Demiko and Denisha, now young-adults, and a grandson, Devonte.

Pastor Dracket is a third generation Seventh-day Adventist and has given 33 years of service to the gospel ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.    He served his native country as pastor and departmental director for six years before joining the ministerial forces in the Cayman Islands Conference in 1988.

The Cayman Islands has remained his home for the past 28 years, where he has been serving his church as pastor, departmental director and Conference Executive Secretary.

Bilingual, he is a graduate of West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University), and Andrews University.

Pastor Dracket loves people and enjoys being around people of all ages.   One of his philosophies is to “give flowers when people can enjoy them, not when they are gone.”


The Secretariat

The Secretariat is responsible for minutes, record-keeping, workers´ retirement matters, official correspondence, updating of credentials and licences, statistical reports, office personnel and the provision of information as may be requested by the Conference President or the Union and Conference Executive Committee.

This office is also involved in the planning, coordination and implementation of most Conference events such as conventions, workers’ meetings, and legal and Immigration matters, among other responsibilities.

 Organizations recognize the importance of accurate record keeping.   This therefore continues to be an objective of the Secretariat Department of the Cayman Islands Conference.  Such record keeping provides valuable information for both the local and wider organizations of the church.

Minutes recorded at each Conference Committee Meeting are provided for each committee member.  Such minutes not only assist committee members in recalling actions but also hold the Secretariat accountable for appropriate execution of voted actions.   Each decision is catalogued with a number and year allowing for easy search and referral. 

Records for workers are updated regularly, maintained and distributed according to policy.   The importance of such meticulous record keeping becomes only too apparent at retirement or when an employee may request full and final settlement.  Beyond that, because records follow employees, accurate records must be maintained for all workers.

This office is also charged with the responsibility of defining and explaining to the local fields policies established and disseminated by the higher/wider organization. Workers are accordingly periodically informed of new policies through workers’ meetings and other forms of communication.

The Secretariat ensures local compliance with higher/wider policies for the smooth running of the church and for world-wide unity.   Local policies such as those relating to vacations, sick leave, maternity leave, employment and dismissals, and many others fall to the office of the Secretariat.


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