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O'Neil DuncanDr. O’Neil Duncan, who assumed the role of principal of the Cayman Academy in August 2015, comes with a wealth of experience in education and educational leadership. His fields of expertise are educational leadership and computer technology.

With almost 20 years’ experience in the field of education, Dr. Duncan has taught in and/or administered four high schools and six universities. In addition, he has authored four textbooks that are used all over the Caribbean to prepare students at the CSEC and Advanced Level examinations. He currently works as a part-time lecturer at the International College of the Cayman Islands and online lecturer for the Herbert Fletcher University, based in Puerto Rico.

Since assuming the role of principal of Cayman Academy, Dr. Duncan has been working steadily to push the school to higher levels of achievement.  Accordingly, he hopes to operationalize the strategic plan for the school through:

  • Introducing technical and vocational subjects
  • Revamping the Music Department
  • Offering Advanced Level subjects through the CAPE Board of Examinations
  • Gradually increasing the number of classes at the primary level
  • Improving the teaching and learning capacity of the teachers
  • Focusing on curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Increasing the spiritual ethos of the school


The Department of Music

Dr. Duncan was elected in the 2015 Cayman Islands Conference quadrennial meetings to serve as the Music Director for the Conference.

With music being one of his passions, Dr. Duncan has sung with numerous groups, producing one album with his last group before pursuing a solo career. He has already produced an album as a soloist and is working on a second.

Dr. Duncan believes that music is one of the most contentious areas in our church and he hopes to develop a policy that will serve to guide the application of music throughout the Cayman Islands Conference. Other plans include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a conference choir
  • Establishing a conference band
  • Developing a radio programme that focuses on hymns
  • Revamping the Music Department at Cayman Academy
  • Facilitating choir and acapella festivals
  • Conducting “Praise and Worship” workshops

Other members of the Music Department’s team include the Music Leaders from all the churches. Music leaders are excited about the proposals for development of the department.


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