The Education Department


Pastor HarryThe Seventh-day Adventist Church strongly believes in and supports, Christian Education as evidenced by the 7,800 schools, colleges and universities it operates around the world with over 87,000 teachers and 1,680,000 students. Here in the Cayman Islands, the church owns and operates Cayman Academy, a complex of schools spanning the Pre-K through Year twelve classes. The school began its service to the Cayman Islands in 1940 and, except for a brief closure for re-structuring; it has offered quality christian education to the Island of Grand Cayman for a period exceeding seventy years. The Cayman Islands Conference is also part owner of the Northern Caribbean University located in Mandeville, Jamaica. This University serves both the Jamaica Union Conference and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission.

The Education Department of Cayman Islands Conference ensures that Cayman Academy is assisted  in providing christian education in accordance with the policies of the World Church and in agreement with the tenets of the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of Education. The Department provides support in the areas of curriculum development, supervision of instruction, classroom management, discipline, teacher development and promotion. The Department submits timely reports to the Director of Education at Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission and provides all relevant information on the progress of Christian Education in the local field. The Department also works through the local churches’ Education Secretaries to promote the virtues of Christ- centered education to members of our congregations.

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