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Mrs. Cereta McDonald, currently the vice principal and the Grade Six teacher for Cayman Academy, is a veteran educator with 46 years of experience. She is also the current director of Children and Adolescent Ministries for the Cayman Islands Conference.

Mrs. McDonald holds a master’s and bachelor of arts degree in education.  As a teacher and administrator, she has held various positions at Cayman Academy since July 1979 at the primary and high school levels. She was a teacher for almost a decade at Bahamas Academy prior to moving to Cayman in 1979.

Extremely passionate about her teaching career, over the past 46 years she has had the fortunate experience of shaping minds and lives.  In the process, she has mentored a number of outstanding adult professionals who currently occupy senior positions in the fields of science, medicine, religion, banking, accounting, commerce and law.

During her service at the Cayman Islands Conference, Sister McDonald has worked as Departmental Directors in a number of areas. These areas include Sabbath School, Health and Temperance, Vacation Bible School (VBS), and Community Service. She has served for many years in her current role as director of Children and Adolescent Ministries.

In the local churches, Sister McDonald has served in various positions, as well, including Advent Youth Leader, AY Sponsor, Sabbath School Teacher and Superintendent.

Born in the parish of Clarendon in the beautiful island of Jamaica, she has been happily married for the past 46 years to Dr. Wilton G. McDonald. They are parents to two adult children, Khichala, a registered nurse, and Wilton, a lawyer, and grand parents to Khalil, Maria, and Aleksander.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. McDonald leads a vibrant lifestyle focused on balanced nutrition, daily exercise, reading, computing, and international travel. She enjoys spending a great deal of time with her grandchildren and is a major source of support for her husband’s ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist church in Grand Cayman.


Children and Adolescent Ministries Department

Sister McDonald is very passionate about the Children and Adolescent Ministries Department, which caters to programmes for children from birth to 14 years. The department seeks to foster positive character traits, so that children can be nurtured spiritually, develop physically, and interact socially.

The department’s ultimate goal is to lead children into a saving relationship with Christ, where they will know, love and serve Him on a daily basis.

It is against this backdrop that she strives to always put the children’s needs and goals on the front burner at the Cayman Islands Conference.

The year’s activities started with a busy schedule of workshops for Children Ministries leaders.  The pace rose to a highpoint in March and April with the Child Preacher’s Training conducted by Pastor Ivor Harry. This culminated in a colourful graduation programme on Sabbath, 7 May, 2016. Over 50 children received certificates of completion.

On the first Sabbath in May, Child Month was officially launched and child preachers took to the pulpit for the Divine Hour in all the churches in the Conference. Sermons were based on the theme, “Children, Get on Board, for We Are Nearing Home.”

As part of the month’s activities, Child Evangelism Week was scheduled to commence on May 15 and was expected to culminate in baptisms.

Child Month will conclude with the Children Convention on 28 May at the Mary Miller Hall, and Children Fun Day on May 29 at the Agricultural Grounds on Grand Cayman.


Favourite Text: Philippians 4:13

Favourite Song: “Take My Life and Let It Be”

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