Dr. Barrington S. Davidson, PhD

Dr. Barrington S. Davidson, PhD

On Wednesday May 5th 2010, the Cayman Conference Family Life Department’s Marriage Seminar commenced under the theme “Navigating the Unchartered Waters of Married Life”. This 4 day event was held at the George Hicks Auditorium and concluded with a grand social at the East End Civic Center. Approximately 500 married men and women packed the George Hicks Auditorium each evening. Amongst the presenters were: Dr. Barrington Davidson, Pastor Barry Brennen, Elder Anthony Gordon and our very own Pastor Shian O’Connor. This year the focus was not only on marriages, also included were Parenting, Marital Finances, Divorce and Marital Stress.

Dr. Barrington S. Davidson, PhD, a Psychologist by profession since 1981, counsels with couples, adults, adolescents, and families, in resolving personal and relational problems. Dr. Davidson presented insight on Handling Marital Stress and Healing from the Effects of Divorce. The session was very informative and resulted with many asked and answered questions.

Pastor Barry Brennen, the Former Director for Counseling Services  Bahamas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists was the second presenter. Pastor Brennen brought a very jovial approach to the evening with his topics: Living with Infidelity and Handling Finances within the Marital Union. He gave us new insights on other ways to approach martial finances, how to budget, ways and means of saving etc. Those in attendance enjoyed the talk and the question and answer time.

Elder Anthony Gordon, Director of Family Ministries at the the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventists was our third presentor. Elder Gordon  presented information on the topics: Parenting Teens and A Successful Approach to Parenting. Those in attendance were able to participate in parenting exercises and discussions. At the end of the presentation, questions and answers on the 6 types of parents, the definitions of each and approaching and handling our teens were very educational for all.

Our Director for Family Ministries Pastor Shian O’Connor, took the well known Bible story of Ruth and paralleled it to Marriage and Parenting. Pastor O’Connor stressed that the same commitment that Ruth had to Naomi is one that should be found in all marriages. He took the example of Naomi and Elimelech in upholding their beliefs and being such strong examples to Ruth and Orpah that they were willing to stay by Naomi’s side to take care of her. Such example should be expressed in each parent’s daily character and in each home.

Pastor O’Connor stressed that regardless of the situation within the home or marriage, husbands, wives and children should be committed to supporting each other not just  physically but spiritually as well. For spiritual growth will lend to physical enjoyment regardless of the situation.

Following this spirit filled worship service on Sabbath morning, the convention climaxed that night with a grand married couple’s social at the East End Civic Centre. The social took the form of a marriage club with a pre organized program including games and a feature presentation on Sexuality after Midlife.

The Family Life Department expresses sincere thanks to all the presenters, organizers, those who supported the program and the Communication Department’s Director and his team. If you would like copies of this event or you missed a session, there will be  DVD copies of the series available at The C.I. Conference Office on Walkers Road in the next few weeks. Information on availability- call 345-949-2647 (M-F).

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