Adventist Church Lowers Curtain on 2017 with Pre-Christmas Deliveries Throughout the Islands

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A group of Community Services volunteers on the steps of the East End Sunrise Cottage at the conclusion of their Saturday (December23) visit to the home.

The Adventist Church lowered the curtain on its 2017 community service programme with a flurry of Pre-Christmas deliveries to individuals, families and care institutions across Grand Cayman and in Cayman Brac.

Over the pre-Christmas weekend, the church’s Community Services Department, with the joint aid of its sub-agencies across the various Adventist churches across Grand Cayman, distributed 175 fruit baskets and 60 bags of groceries. Eight fruit baskets were delivered to seniors on Cayman Brac.

“The aim of this venture was to put smiles on faces for the festive season and to show love and caring to those who are sick or are otherwise unable to move around or take care of their own needs,” said Assistant Community Services Director Angela Hall, who added: “We could not end the year without reaching out to those who are most in need of our love and attention, especially at this special time of year.”

Mrs. Hall noted that sixty of the fruit baskets were distributed to residents and staff of the Government residential homes for seniors, as follows: the Pines Retirement Home, 24; the Golden Age Residential Home (in West Bay), 14; and the East End Sunrise Cottage, 10. Ten fruit baskets were presented to residents of Maple House, which serves persons with disabilities.

“As we presented the gift baskets, we sang, read scriptures, prayed and otherwise encouraged residents and staff,” Mrs. Hall said.

While presenting gifts to residents of the various residential facilities, a special effort was made to recognize the roles and contributions of the staff.  For example, a presentation was made to 21-year veteran caregiver currently serving at the East End Sunrise Cottage, Ms Greta Simmonds.  Other than a brief stint on Cayman Brac and nine years at West Bay’s Golden Age residential home, Ms Simmonds has served mainly at the East End Sunrise Cottage.

Asked about the experience in such an essential community service, Ms. Simmonds said, “It has been challenging, but I do enjoy it.”

1. Pines staff receive a small token of appreciation from the Community Services Department.

Presentations were also made to the staff at the Pines Retirement Homes and Maple House, among others, as a token of appreciation for their invaluable and dedicated service.

On Saturday evening volunteers from the Savannah Adventist Church, along with Pathfinders (the Adventist Church’s youth association), assisted in hosting residents and seniors of the Bodden Town community at a sumptuous meal at the district’s Civic Centre.  The affair was organised by the MLA of the district, the Hon. Dwayne Seymour, who is Minister for Health, Environment, Culture and Housing.

Prior to the weekend round of activities, 150 bags of groceries were delivered at the recent Seniors’ Banquet, also organised by the Community Services Department, this time exclusively by the George Town Church. Under the leadership of Mrs. Elsie Myles, that event catered not only to residents of George Town but also to seniors from North Side and West Bay, for a total of 110 persons.

In another Community Services Department initiative, this time by the Kings Church, some families and individuals in the Windsor Park and Prospect areas were the recipients of an early Christmas gift on December 17, when a band of eight volunteers and a troop of Pathfinders trekked through these communities, gift bags in hand. At the end of the enterprise, 35 bags, packed with food items, from sardines, beans and rice, to flour, sugar and milk, were dispensed.

Commenting on its year-long programme that spanned from the very young—in its provision of school supplies and funding of school lunches and school uniforms—to the most senior—in a number of initiatives to recognize contributions, supplement stretched resources, and to bring cheer, Mrs. Hall said: “I pay great tribute to the many volunteers across all our churches who have unfailingly stepped up to the plate in giving of their time and energy to make all of this possible.”

Mrs. Hall also thanked all the individuals and companies who contributed funds and goods: “On behalf of all those who shared their blessings this year with the less fortunate in our community, please accept a huge thank you. I pray that God will continue to shower you with His blessings.”

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