Rescued boater Edward Hyde and his mother Mrs. Ezona Moore at the George Town Church after his baptism on Saturday (12 August)

The Cayman boater rescued off the coast of Mexico after a five-week ordeal at seat returned to Cayman on Sunday, 6 August, and was baptised on Saturday (12 August) at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Mr. Edward Hendricks Hyde was found alone, adrift on his boat, by local fishermen on Sunday, July 30. He had left Cayman on June 23 on a 30-foot canoe style boat. His fellow boater Chadwick Bodden has not been found.

“He made a promise to God while at sea that if He saved his life the first thing he would do was to give his life to God through baptism,” said Pastor Sethres Dixon, who officiated in the baptism. Accordingly, Mr. Hyde was anxious to be baptised as soon as possible. “It had to be done the very first Sabbath—it was the first thing he wanted to do as he got home.”

Pastor Dixon said that his mother, Mrs. Ezona Moore, is a member of the Adventist church. “They were very close to me as they are originally from the Bay Islands, Honduras,” said Pastor Dixon, who is also from Honduras.

Mr. Hyde said that he would be calling a press conference at the earliest opportunity.

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