Founder and director of the Adventist Chamber Orchestra, Mr. Bentley Vaughan, directs the congregation in the accompaniment to one of the hymns performed by the orchestra.

The stage lighted in candles, the 20-member Adventist Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of founder Bentley Vaughan, presented its fourth annual musical vesper service, “You Are the Light,” on Friday (April 28), at the Bodden Town Seventh-day Adventist Church. The annual musical weekend continued on Saturday (29 April) with a seminar presented by Mr. Junior Hines on the theory and rudiments of music.

The comparatively small Bodden Town Church, with some 150 members on the roll, has in recent years been distinguishing itself in both choir and instrumental music under the leadership of members like Mr. Vaughan and his wife Annette, Mr. Hines, and Mésdames Rosemarie Williamson, Keila Woods and Janice Williams.

The Friday vesper service took the form of a series of brief contemplations by Director Vaughan featuring Bible verses on aspects of the theme.  The brief inspirational interludes were interspersed among the musical renditions of the orchestra against a backdrop of a divided screen. One side of the screen carried the words to each of the hymns performed by the orchestra while the other half featured photographs of beautiful landscapes and other scenery illustrating the aspect of the theme embodied in the hymn.

Among special performances were presentations by Junior Hines on the saxophone, performing hymns, “This is my Desire” and “Still,” by prolific lyricist Reuben Morgan.

Mr. Junior Hines, Caymanian musician and teacher, performs on the saxophone.

The Seventh-day Adventist Chamber Orchestra, founded four years ago by Mr. Vaughan, currently has a complement of 20 members, playing seven instruments – the flute, clarinet, alto & soprano saxophones, guitar, the viola, the cello, and the piano.

The leading force behind the orchestra, Mr. Vaughan began his music ministry in Barbados, where his family is renowned for their musical talent.  He began his music ministry as a self-taught pianist and organist at the Barbados-based Belleplaine Seventh-day Adventist church but took further training in music under Dr. Vernon Andrews at the University of Southern Caribbean (CUC) in Trinidad.

He was the Music Director for an Adventist umbrella youth organization, the National Youth Council, during which time he founded the National Youth Chorale, a seventy-member youth choir.

Here in the Cayman Islands, when Mr. Vaughan is not engaged in the spheres of local music development, he serves as the engineering manager at the Department of Environmental Health. He and his wife Annette have lived in Cayman for the past 20 years.

Mr. Vaughan Bentley directs a section of the 20-member Adventist Chamber Orchestra.

Mr. Hines, who is a music teacher by profession, is a very talented young Caymanian musician. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music performance (saxophone) and a master’s in teaching and music education from Missouri Baptist University. Mr Hines was taught piano and guitar at an early age by mentor Bentley Vaughan.

Both musicians continue to mentor and nurture the youth at the church and wider community.

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