Adventist Church Prays for the Cayman Government and People


Pastor Peter Kerr from the headquarters of the Adventist church speaks at the Saturday (11 February) Prayer Vigil.

The Adventist Conference has initiated island-wide 21 days of round-the-clock prayer among member churches for God’s guidance and intervention on behalf of the government, the church leadership, and the people of the Cayman Islands.

The 21 days of prayer that began on Sunday (12 February) was launched at a four-hour prayer vigil attended by a near capacity congregation at the capital’s Kings Adventist Church on Saturday night (11 February).

The tone for the night’s vigil had been set earlier in the day in the Divine Hour sermon by Pastor Peter Kerr, the executive secretary at the church’s headquarters in Nassau. Pastor Kerr was also one of the night’s panel of speakers, along with local pastors Jeff Jefferson, Vaughan Henry, Sethres Dixon, Reinaldo Dracket. Also on the panel was First Elder of Ebenezer Church Wrendon Timothy.

Prayer Sessions

The moderator for the Saturday evening vigil, Pastor Jefferson, introduced the first prayer session in which the congregation broke into groups of four to pray for the nation and for the church leadership. Later, the congregation broke into groups to pray, respectively, for spirituality, personal lives, health, jobs and financial security, relationships and family life.


One of the groups at the prayer vigil praying for solutions to challenges facing the country and the people of the Cayman Islands.

Speaking at the Saturday evening prayer vigil, Pastor Kerr said that the ultimate goal of the prayer vigil an its 21-day sequel was transformation, which “was not a programme but a call onto holiness.” In the process the aim was total member involvement, he said, which was a key remedy to the defection of new converts.

Speakers emphasised the return on commitment to prayer:
Elder Timothy: “Don’t be astonished tonight if what you ask of God you shall receive.”
Pastor Henry: “God will pay you back if you stay committed.”
Pastor Dixon: “You wonder if decisions for Christ will ever be made, but breakthrough will come.”
Pastor Dracket: “Nothing is impossible with God … Let us trust God for healing, love and power.”
Pastor Kerr: “Do not be afraid…. God has never lost a fight. Be strong.”


Pastor Ivor Harry (left) leads the prayer session regarding requests submitted by persons attending Saturday’s (11 February) Prayer Vigil. At right, Pastors hold up the container packed with the written requests for prayers.

Pastor Dixon led a testimony session in which he spoke about the breakthrough that was being experienced in the Solid Rock Ministry that very day when seven members had been baptised. A number of persons in the congregation spoke about their own answers to prayers.

Arrangements for the 21 Days of Prayer

For the 21 Days of Prayer initiative churches members are encouraged to pray throughout the period on an informal basis. In addition, they have been asked to organise prayer groups on assigned days. Each church has also been asked to arrange a formal prayer session by the church once per week over the three weeks.

The assigned days of prayer began with Savannah Church on Sunday (February 12), followed by the George Town Church on Monday (13 February).

On the first work day of week one, George Town Church organised into teams of prayer warriors, with each team assigned to pray for an hour each in the 24-hour period, beginning at 6 am Monday and continuing to 5 am Tuesday. Pastor Wilton McDonald said that themes were selected from a set of topics that included infilling of the holy spirit, unity, evangelism, the George Town Church, families, and the Conference, among others.

A section of the near capacity congregation at the Prayer Vigil at Kings Church on Saturday (11 February).

The schedule for the other churches are: West Bay (February 14), Bethel (February 15), Berea (February 16), Creek and Little Cayman (February 17), East End (February 18), Maranatha (February 19), Bethany (February 20), Bodden Town (February 21), North Side (February 22), Filadelfia (February 23), and Ebenezer (February 24).

The final eight days of the 21-day prayer initiative will conclude with Kings (February 25), Ephesus (February 26), and George Town and West Bay again on February 27 and February 28, respectively. Solid Rock is scheduled for March 1, following by Kings, again, on March 2. Newlands is scheduled for March 3.

All churches are scheduled to participate in the final day’s activities of the 21-day initiative, on Saturday, March 4.

Pastor Jeff Jefferson leads the church in prayer in advance of the laying-on-of-hands ceremony that ended Saturday’s (11 February) Prayer Vigil.

Classes at Cayman Academy are also participating in the 21 days of prayer. As part of that effort, a prayer scroll created by the 8th Grade class with the names of all the students was presented during the Divine Service on Saturday (11 February) to Kings’ Prayer Ministry Coordinator Elder Sandra Rose by that church’s Education Secretary Tracey-Ann Trail. Student representative Nicholas Harvey and Homeroom Teacher Wendy Forbes were present as Sister Sandra Rose conducted the first prayer session for the class.

Similar prayer sessions for the 8th Grade and other classes and their parents are anticipated on the school’s campus and by Kings Church, which has sponsored the class as part of a wider programme of support of the school and of Christian education.

Elders and pastors in the laying-on-of-hands phase of the Saturday’s (11 February) Prayer Vigil. In the forefront is Elder Clive Knight, and to his immediate right is Pastor Peter Kerr.

Laying on of Hands

The Saturday night Prayer Vigil ended with a laying on of hands by pastors and elders, as wave after wave of members knelt for the final blessing for the night.

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